Customer Service

Our professional sales and customer service team is here to serve clients on a range of matters, from onboarding to their ongoing needs in securities trading. Please contact us for further details.

Forms for individual and corporate clients may be downloaded here:

Corporate Client Account Opening Checklist

Trading Agreement – Corporate:

√ Standing Instruction Sheet (if applicable)

√ List of Authorized Signatories

√ Specimen of business chop/seal

√ Client Information (Certified True Copy)

  1. Board Resolution/Limited Company Mandate
  2. Identity card or passport of Directors/Authorized Signatories/Beneficial Owner/Trading Representative
  3. Address proof for Director(s)/Authorized Person(s)/Beneficial owner/Trading Representative(s)
  4. Business Registration Certificate
  5. Certificate of Incorporation
  6. Register of Director/Annual Return
  7. Register of Members
  8. Appointment of First Director
  9. Certificate of Incumbency (within the past 6 months)
  10. Memorandum and Articles of Association
  11. Latest financial statements
  12. Director’s declaration on Ownership Structure of the Company

Individual Client Account Opening

Trading Agreement – Individual

√ Photocopy of H.K.I.D. card/passport.
√ Bank statement/utility bill within the past 3 months as proof of residence
√ Proof of income

Account Opening Procedure

If the Agreement will not be signed in the presence of one of our licensed representatives (as required by the Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong), you may follow either of the following procedures:

1. Arrange for the account opening and identification document (i.e. photocopy of passport) to be certified by a licensed person (i.e. licensed by the relevant country’s Stock Exchange, a Justice of the Peace, or a professional person (i.e. lawyer, notary public, certified public accountant) or any branch manager of a commercial bank.

2. Return to us a signed copy of the Client’s Agreement and a cheque of not less than HK$10,000 (payable to VMS Securities Limited) bearing the client’s name and drawn on the client’s account with a licensed bank in Hong Kong (for verification of signature in Client’s Agreement against cheque’s signature purposes). After the cheque has cleared, we may credit the same to client’s bank account.